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What is the best way to remove spills and pet accidents from my carpet?

Lift up what you can with a paper towel being careful not to grind it in to the carpet. Next, pour warm water over the spot and then suck it up with a wet-vac (many local Walmarts sell 1.5 gallon wet-vacs. This is a convenient size to have handy just for this purpose).

What Is Scotchgard?

This is a product that protects your carpet and upholstery from most spills and stains from becoming permanent. It allows you more time to clean up the spill

How do I minimize the "dirt" coming into my home onto my carpets?

The majority of what makes your carpets dirty is what is being brought in on your shoes. Place small area rugs at the entrances to your home. Include the front and back doors and donĀ“t forget the garage door! Many of these rugs are machine washable so they can be tossed in the washer as needed.

Why is it important to have Scotchgard applied to my carpets?

Scotchgard is a Carpet Protector which when applied to your carpets makes vacuuming more efficient so dry soil is easily removed. It also prevents most spills from penetrating fibers so cleanup is easy. Carpets treated with Scotchgard will stay clean up to two to three times longer than similar untreated carpets. A real time and money saver!

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