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Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning

As an IICRC-certified firm, we take pride in our floor cleaning service, knowledge and experience. Whether it's for your home or business, Carpet Care Services Owner, Rod Schuler, will provide a friendly and honest FREE, no-risk pre-inspection to understand your needs and scale of the project. Our pricing is based on square footage of the cleaning area and furniture moving.

Carpet Care Services utilizes the "hot water extraction method." We have a professional truck-mounted machine from which we run a solution hose and vacuum hose into your home or business. Hot water and cleaning agents are driven into your carpet at high pressure and high heat, loosening up dirt and unwanted particles while the high-powered vacuum removes the hot water, dirt and stains. Our products are environmentally friendly and remove allergens trapped in the carpet.

After cleaning, your carpets may be damp since we extract about 97% of the water. Drying time typically varies by customer depending on the air quality and conditions, however we offer shoe covers for those who need to walk on the treated carpet.

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